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Jul. 30th, 2006 @ 07:15 pm Who is leaving..who is staying...
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Current Music: The Cure--Boys Don't Cry
Juventus coach Didier Deschamps says no more players will be leaving the club, despite its relegation to Serie B.

"Whoever's under contract at Juventus can speak to as many lawyers as they like, but nothing will happen. The door is shut," Deschamps told reporters Wednesday.

Juventus lost its appeal Tuesday against a July 14 ruling which stripped the Turin giant of its last two Serie A titles and relegated it to the second division with a 30-point penalty for influencing the outcome of matches.

Juve's only respite in the appeal was a cut in its points penalty to 17.

Juventus stars Gianluca Zambrotta, Lilian Thuram, Emerson and Fabio Cannavaro have already transferred to other clubs.

Zambrotta and Thuram went to FC Barcelona. Emerson and Cannavaro linked up with former Juventus coach Fabio Capello at Real Madrid.

Patrick Vieira is expected to join Inter Milan later this week.

Italian media reports suggested that Juventus' remaining big names - goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, strikers Zlatan Ibrahimovic and David Trezeguet and midfielder Mauro Camoranesi - were awaiting the outcome of the trial before making decisions about their futures.

Two others, veterans Pavel Nedved and Alessandro Del Piero, signaled their intention to remain at the club before the appeals ruling. source
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Jul. 30th, 2006 @ 06:10 pm 69 Soccer Icons
+ Comment and credit thequaffle if taking
+ No hotlinking, redistributing, modifying.

07 Joe COLE
11 Steven GERRARD
21 Frank LAMPARD
04 Michael OWEN
08 Michael BALLACK

( + 65 )

x-posted everywhere possible.
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Jul. 29th, 2006 @ 06:09 pm (no subject)
32 more icons including 12 Zizou, 2 Les Bleus, 9 Henry, 1 Klose, 8 Torres.


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Jul. 29th, 2006 @ 08:22 pm (no subject)

Premierleague.com's fantasy football is up and running, I invite you to join and enter your team in the Live Journal league, the entrance code is 331120-56334

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Random: Schroeder
Jul. 29th, 2006 @ 05:57 pm (no subject)
234 FIFA World Cup 2006 icons
and I still have 98234908349 football pictures left to icon =)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(I only kicked it over your fence and broke a silly gnome or two.)
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Jul. 29th, 2006 @ 10:18 am Buffon and Materazzi Wallpapers
[2] Gigi Buffon wallpapers
[1] Marco Materazzi wp


Immagine IPB Immagine IPB

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Jul. 28th, 2006 @ 08:37 pm moodtheme - mannschaft (wm)
Current Location: my office
Current Mood: accomplished
Current Music: dublin sky - darren hayes
In a fit of questionable productivity at work this afternoon, I finished the moodtheme I have been working on since the beginning of the WM. It features the German Nationalmannschaft - a mix of players, I tried not to put too much focus on one player. If you use it, please credit me in your userinfo. And, of course, comments are love :)


The entire .zip file can be downloaded here!
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a; hips don't lie
Jul. 27th, 2006 @ 07:55 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: curiouscurious
Does anyone know what Diego Maradona said to Mauro Camoranesi on the phone prior to the World Cup Final?
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amor gotico
Jul. 27th, 2006 @ 02:51 pm (no subject)

hey guys, I was watching the news, and I saw that Kikin Fonseca (Mexico) its going to play in a team called Benfica (Portugal) I have no idea of that team, and I was wondering if it is a good team,.....

7 players of mexican team are already playing in Europe =) yeahhh!! that makes me feel so proud...

I also was thinkin that some teams are going to be stronger in the next WC, others that will change a lot of players, like Brazil, they have old players in their team.....
I think Mexico its going to be way to stronger than now, Mexican team its a champion in sub17, which means that we'll have very talented young players playing for us in the next WC....

who u thinkin will be stronger or weaker?

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Jul. 27th, 2006 @ 09:10 am (no subject)
Current Mood: amusedamused
Everyone should get this DVD: The Art of Football from A to Z with John Cleese

I saw the whole thing on TV and it practically brought me to tears in some places.
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Jul. 26th, 2006 @ 06:08 pm (no subject)
Added 16 more icons, including Becks, Sergio Ramos, & Poldi over HERE.

Also added 5 colorbars (3 World Cup-related) and a Becks Mood Theme.

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Jul. 25th, 2006 @ 09:42 pm (no subject)

Cannavaro is now in the Real Madrid... and Fernando Torres stays in the Atletico de Madrid....

and I also heard that La Volpe was going to be the coach of Boca Juniors (I have no idea, of the name..)


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Jul. 25th, 2006 @ 06:12 pm How Can I buy tickets for the countries I 'd like to see?
Current Mood: curiouscurious
Current Music: "Pure Morning"--Placebo
When is the earliest date I can start purchasing them?

Today I met a guy who is visiting from Germany and he told me he got to see the France versus Switzerland game but he had no choice in it. Cos he bought the ticket 2 years in advance through a draw and at the time he had no idea which teams he would get to watch. Because the groups were not established. Is this true that there is a limit of tickets available for purchase for people from each country? Do I need to enter a ticket poole?
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Jul. 23rd, 2006 @ 06:19 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: amusedamused
Now for two things that really made me laugh.

1. ThisCollapse ).
2. The naked football game commercial.
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Jul. 22nd, 2006 @ 10:49 pm World Cup Final Rematch?
Hey guys, I'm from Singapore and in our papers today there was an article by Agence France-Presse saying that there will be a world cup final rematch on Sept 6. Is it true?
Sorry can't link the article here cos I couldn't find it.
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Jul. 22nd, 2006 @ 10:37 am Jerseys in London?
I'm going to London in two weeks, and I was wondering if anybody knew any place I could find World Cup Jerseys? I'm looking for a Ronaldinho, Zidane, Ronaldo, & Kaka'. I dunno if this is off-topic, feel free to delete.

Thanks :)!
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Jul. 21st, 2006 @ 02:18 pm Les Bleus community
Since there seems to be some interest here (and on a private entry on my LJ); I went ahead and created a Les Bleus community


Come an join :D

(x-posted at soccerfans, world_cup_2006 etc.)
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DOCTOR WHO martha.jones sitting
Jul. 21st, 2006 @ 12:22 pm 5 Casillas, 5 Fabregas, 5 Ramos, 5 Raul, 5 Torres
+ Comment and credit thequaffle if taking
+ No hotlinking, redistributing, modifying.

spain_de_futbol Icon Challenge

5 each of:
Iker Casillas, Cesc Fabregas, Sergio Ramos, Raul Gonzalez, Fernando Torres

( + 22 )
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Jul. 21st, 2006 @ 09:06 am Selfish Zidane has fooled Fifa
Selfish Zidane has fooled Fifa

Arrogant French legend has sullied his own legacy

Read more...Collapse )
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Jul. 20th, 2006 @ 08:35 pm Justice?.... Dove sei?
Watch how
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mashet lapkoy
Jul. 20th, 2006 @ 10:07 am FINALLY some justice.

.: Materazzi Banned 2 Games
Zidane 3 After World Cup Clash :.

BLOOMBERG -- Italy's Marco Materazzi was banned for two international games for provoking a headbutt from France's Zinedine Zidane in soccer's World Cup final. Zidane would miss three matches if he came out of retirement. Reeeead me Feeeed me woe is meeeeCollapse )
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Jul. 20th, 2006 @ 05:52 am +173 icons
+9 William Moseley

+47 Fernando Torres
(Spanish Futbol/Soccer Player)

+77 Artem Milevskiy
(Ukrainian "                                 ")

+12 Sergio Ramos
(Spanish "                                   ")

+7 Maksym Kalinichenko
(Ukrainian "                                 ")

+15 Oleksandr Shovkovskyi
(Ukrainian "                                  ")

+6 Olga Pikhienko
(Handbalancing Contortionist for Cirque du Soleil)

+173 Total

+Please comment and credit if you are going to be using any of my icons.
+I hate to be mean, however I have gone through this in the past. Credit me that
is all I am saying.
+I use Paint Shop Pro for still graphics.
+Feedback is nice too.
+Do not Edit/Hotlink
+Textless icons are NOT bases.
+I will alter bases or any of my icons by request.
+I will do other graphics.

FRIEND me if you wish. I often place select graphics in there that is not open to the public.


I also take requests. You can specifically tell me how you want the icon with a summary with a image(s) or not or tell who of and I eill gladly make them.

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Tristan and Isolde
Jul. 20th, 2006 @ 12:44 am world_cup_2010
The community for the next World Cup - world_cup_2010 - has updated its layout to make it nicer looking. It just needs everyone to join and keep the discussions going.
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Jul. 19th, 2006 @ 04:39 pm Graphics
Headers with matching icons to use in LJ.

Click preview for the link:

Plus one of Podolski and one of Zizou. :)
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Jul. 19th, 2006 @ 10:54 pm (no subject)
Current Music: Xavier Naidoo - Was Wir Alleine Nicht Schaffen
In case anyone is interested, I uploaded a couple of my favourite World Cup related and Germany National Team Tribute songs over here.

Download if you like. ♥ Links will expire in about 3 days.
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Jul. 19th, 2006 @ 09:14 pm Voices from the FIFA World Cup CD
Hey, does anyone mind uploading the Voices of the FIFA World Cup CD here? If you guys dont mind, zip the file and upload it via yousendit or sendspace (yousendit preferred). Thanks a million in advance! =)
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jigsaw piece
Jul. 18th, 2006 @ 11:53 pm (no subject)
70 icons:

[8] Kaka
[3]Fernando Torres
[1]Cristiano Ronaldo

[5]Color Bars: (Kaka, Podolski, Zidane, Henry, Trezeguet)


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

the rest here
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Bradley en faute
Jul. 19th, 2006 @ 12:25 am some icons to share: ICON POST!!
Current Mood: tiredtired
Whoa, okay I've made this icons for quite some time and about 3 weeks ago and yea, sorry for the very late posting. Apologies.

- A 50 Fernando Torres icon challenge
- other WC icons

more under the cutCollapse )

X-posted to my lj, soccer_icons, world_cup_2006
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Jul. 17th, 2006 @ 08:53 pm The longer version of the famous hair cut
Current Mood: calmcalm
(The language in this video does not sound like Italian to me, but it does sound like Arabic or Persian). I like this version better than the other one I posted.

Generate Your Own Glitter Graphics @ GlitterYourWay.com - Image hosted by ImageShack.us
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Jul. 17th, 2006 @ 10:41 pm WC Dance Anthems?
I know the WC is over, but is anyone interested in the WC Dance Anthems CD I have?
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Edward Cullen
Jul. 17th, 2006 @ 04:31 pm 2014

hey guys, yesterday I was watching the news, then they said, that Colombia asked for the 2014 WC, they said (colombia) that they could make one.. back in 1986 Colombia actually said the same, that they could make it, and then they said they couldnt, because of the money a WC needs, you know hotels, fields, bla bla, and Mexico made it, we saved the WC =P, and my father told me that, that WC was the best in the history, I guess he told me that b/c we are mexican and very patriotic, soo Im guessing the WC 2014 will be in some latin america country, first they said Brazil, then Mexico then Colombia, and thats cool b/c we could make our 3 WC! we only have 2, 1970 and 1986, soo, what I wanted to ask if that every WC its in a different continent, well its not really that way I guess the WC its made by the country that can make one right?, well Im not sure, that's what I wanted to ask you...


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Jul. 17th, 2006 @ 09:24 pm 150 icons.
Mostly directly related to the World Cup!


¤ 150 World Cup/Football Icons This Way.....

Hope you like, they're free to be snatched and please comment if you're taking any. I'd really appreciate it :) You can credit me as "Leetje" in your keywords, thanks in advance!
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Malec - Power Couple Extraordinaire
Jul. 17th, 2006 @ 12:31 pm (no subject)
Hello everyone! Well, since i have seen such amazing videos of the World Cup being made here i have a question! How do you save clips from anything, so you can then import it into Windows Movie Maker and put that clip into your video? It would really be appreicated if someone could help. Thank you :-)
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Jul. 17th, 2006 @ 05:43 pm (no subject)
I found 3 videos of the french team and thought i'd share...

Les Bleus at the balcony of Hotel Crillon, on Place de la Concorde: http://www.orange.fr/bin/frame.cgi?u=http%3A//actu.orange.fr/Article/mmd--francais--journal_internet--videos/060710164706.gx7imte1.html

David Trezeguet crying :( http://www.dailymotion.com/search/trezeguet/video/358157

A new Zidane interview: http://www.dailymotion.com/relevance/search/zidane/video/361939
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Bradley en faute
Jul. 17th, 2006 @ 10:05 am Oh! So that's why.
Current Mood: amusedamused
Someone sent this to me, so I thought I'd share.

Amusing advert for Israel.
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